Night Support


Some individuals may require overnight support. This may be to render them with assistance in the night or simply for companionship – just knowing that you are not alone in the house in case of any emergencies. Many older people and those living with Dementia tend to become anxious at night especially if they live alone.

We can arrange for a Support Worker to stay with you overnight if this will help to alleviate your anxiety.

Our overnight support falls into two categories – ‘sleep in’ and ‘wake in’ nights.


With the sleep in support, the Support Worker will sleep at the house in a room provided for this purpose; and be on hand to provide support if the need arises. This support is usually provided for about ten hours commencing around 8-10pm and finishing around 6-8am; however, we can personalise this to your requirement.

If the Support Worker is disturbed more than twice during the night, then this becomes classified as a ‘wake in’ night.


With the wake in support, the Support Worker will be awake all night, ready to provide you with support and companionship as required.

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