Medication Support​

It can sometimes become daunting when vulnerable individuals have to manage their medication and remember when and what medication to take. This is especially so, if there are multiple medicines to take. You may need to take tablets, have eye drops instilled and / or creams applied. We can support you with this if needed, relieving the stress of it all.

During your care needs assessment, the level of support you require will be determined. For some, this may be a simple prompt or reminder; whereas for others, they may require assistance such as administering medication from boxes, bottles or an MDS (Monitored Dosage System) prepared by the Pharmacist for you.

If you are taking multiple tablets at various times, it is usually a good idea to have them organised into an MDS. We can talk to the Pharmacist on your behalf, or you / your representative may wish to do this.

Many pharmacies will deliver medication to your door; but there are some who do not offer this service. If necessary, we will be more than happy to collect your medication for you once they are ready. We will also help with prescriptions if required.

There are some medication that we do not administer – those requiring administration by specialist techniques e.g. injections. You will be advised about this during your care needs assessment if you require such assistance.

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