Live-in care / 24hr care


With the availability of this service, many people choose to remain in their own homes rather than making the very difficult choice of moving permanently into a care home or other type of care establishment. It is simple – over their lifetime, people accumulate memories and form attachments to their possessions and environment. Why then would they want to leave it all behind because they need care and support?

Live-in care can be cost effective, personalised and allow people to retain their independence in a place that they are comfortable – their own home. This level of one to one support is not always possible in a care home. Live-in care truly is, person-centred care.

Friendly Homecare can provide a live-in service if this is appropriate to your needs. This would enable you to receive the care and attention you deserve without worrying about when your next carer would be coming to visit or who it would be. Usually, the full spectrum of services will be integrated to assist the individual with managing their daily activities, in their own home. You will have at least two live-in Support Workers so than when one goes off for a break, the other will take their place. This usually occurs weekly but can sometimes be longer.

We realise that it is not always easy to share your home with someone; and for this reason, it is essential that the Support Worker is someone with whom you can get along with and develop a relationship of trust. We always try to match our Support Workers with Service Users based on experience and personal characteristics. Support Workers will be sensitive and allow you private time if you wish; or when you have visitors. We simply ask that they are provided with their own room.


There are certain conditions or disabilities which render individuals in need of more intense support – such as the need to have constant supervision throughout the day and night. This may be due to lack of mobility or Dementia which causes the individual to wander, and at risk of falls.

We will develop a Care Plan with you or your representative that takes account of your need for this level of support. We usually try and arrange two 12hr shifts.

Rest assured that our Support Workers are fully trained and go through a detailed induction process before being allowed to work with individuals on their own. They also have to refresh their trainings annually and have regular supervisions with their line manager. We frequently monitor the quality of the service being provided.

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